Friday, May 19, 2006


my move

so i'm starting my "new job" today. officially it's new, but it's all the same to me. well, still learn new stuff, but i still have stuff from the old job that incorporates into the new stuff. so it keeps snow balling into a bigger chunk, and i don't foresee myself having less OT than already is.

good side: taking every opportunity to learn, which helps you grow both personally and technically.
bad side: working more and more, feeling like ur married to the company.

oh well, i can't stand myself from staying put mentally, so i guess hard work's the way to go...

Friday, May 12, 2006


my fear...public speaking!

and so i'm being back-tracked and trained as a new hire engr. a bunch of us are having all day trainings every Tue and Thurs for 3 weeks. now that i'm out of the office at least 2 days a week, i'm swamped with the old job and the new job that's starting next Fri. today's supposed to be my day off, but i'm sitting in my cube, trying to catch up.

being totally clueless about what i need to do for the new assignment, i'm already having due date by the end of the month.

for the old assignment, i'm taking over a change as the owner of it. it only makes sense to have me being the owner of that paperwork, since it actually belongs to the new group i'm going to. however, the most fearful (or one of the) thing that i realized is...i have to present! not only to my group, but possibly to the chief engr!! i never like to do public speaking, and i get all nervous and shaky. sigh...but the ppl in my old group just said the same thing to me,"if you want to be a good engr, u have to learn how to present."

Friday, May 05, 2006


lost in transition...

somehow all the "new hire" from about a yr ago till now are being back-tracked to have the training for payloads and structures. i'm one of the "lucky" ones to be drafted this time around. it's been long days sitting through all the presentations about all the organization and structures of the company. most of them are not that exciting, but still there are a few that are interesting to me.

since i'm out of the office half the time or more every week lately, it's been hard to work like normal. after sitting through all the classes, i go do my regular work overtime. my boss's been trying to get a hold of me about the transition. we're finally having a meeting for the exit plan for all the work i'll be dumping back to the other engrs. i'll probably be working in both groups for a little while b4 i can completely trans out from integration.

today's the only day i'm really back to the office. i've been running around with training, critical design review for the whole prog, etc. the design review has been going on for the whole week, 8-5 every day. it's amazing how much stuff goes into one single plane.

after settling down finally, i started going through the stuff i need to do for the current group, and the new group i'm going to. now i'm back to not knowing anything for all the things that are going on. the stuff i'm doing for the current group is new, so i'm confused. the new stuff from my future lead is equally confusing, coz i've never done those b4.

i feel like i'm back to my 1st day of work at Boeing again...

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