Thursday, March 30, 2006


Breast Cancer Walk

Not that I like to advertise, but if you have time, please read my dear gf's testimony and support her if you wish.
God Bless.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


A slow week...

I had my left knee surgery this past Mon, so I've been off work this whole week. I am not very good in adjusting to slow schedules, but the pain killers has been keeping me under, so I didn't have to fight much against boredom.

This week kind of reminds me how work can be in extremes at times. Any job have slow days, or days that you just don't know where the time has gone to. Any job, esp. people and change mgmt jobs, depend heavily on the progress of other groups.

When I was in school, I always do things at the last minute, and still finished with flying colors, or at least the min. requirement without much effort. Once I got to work in the real world, it just was never the same. You're one of the many ppl participating in the proj, and each person's effort is very important. Even as an engr, you do not work as an individual.

I know many, like when I was choosing my major, think that engr means no/min interaction with other human beings. I chose engr because I like math, physics, and not writing or public speaking. When I started working, it was just a different world than I imagined. Whether you want to be a successful engr, business person, or manager, you need analytical, social, and presentation skills.

While you're at UM, take the best opportunity that you can have, and equip yourself to be as all round as possible. There's a reason why the cirrculum at UM is designed to be so diverse. Take the full use of it, and make every opportunity possible for yourself. I'm thankful that I got the chance to explore. At UM, I felt that I had to reach out to find my own course, and guess what, it's even more so in the real world.

Saturday, March 25, 2006



Whew! Another week has flown by quickly...hope yours was good.

Like I mentioned in my last blog, my job is integration. I work with clients, our own design groups, financial estimators for our group, integration/finance estimator/design groups in other dept and airplane system. It was a very steep learning curve for me, because I have to pick up all the technical knowledge on the go, build relationships with counterparts, learn the financial est and budgeting, etc. Since I come from a totally unrelated background, it's extra effort for me.

I earned my Land Surveying and Civil Engineering bachelor degrees from Purdue. Afterwards, I worked at Chicago for about 4 yrs. I was a project surveyor for about 2 yrs, and then a civil engr for the next 2. Being a project surveyor, I was doing both office administrative and field work. It was challenging in certain aspects, but I wanted to try out civil engr also. I switched to engr design, and found that it was a totally different animal.

Thinking back about my past careers, it seemed so far away now, but it helped me in tremendous ways. Without the experiences from those yrs, I couldn't have learned that much people skills. The technical seem to have gone to waste, but the logic and method of solving problems stay with you. Every profession, every company, even every group you work in will have a different dynamic in dealing with issues. Technical skills, you can always learn, but problem solving and people skills, they only come from experience, and they stay with you wherever you go.

People keep asking me why I switched career, and why I am at Boeing now. My answer to them is, "I keep going for my next goal, and I am happy to be where I am and what I'm doing."

Friday, March 17, 2006


Life after U of Michigan

Hi fellow Wolverines!

It's been a little more than a year since my graduation. Moving from Michigan to Chicago, and then to Seattle has been an adventure.

I've been at Boeing for about 10 months now. It's been a great experience. I'm with Interiors Integration. To explain in a nutshell, we are the people interfacing/communiting between clients and our design groups. It is a tough group to start from, in terms of my learning curve; however, I like the challenge a lot. Coming from a Civil Engr/Industrial Engr background, it's entirely a different world. Thankfully, I have many good people to help me out, teach and explain to me about a lot of things, so I can pick up my job faster.

OK, so much for now. Just want to say a quick hello. Feel free to let me know if I can help answer any ques.

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